Our Products:

Aivel Technologies developed a versatile monitoring system characterized by ease of use, reliability, and scalability. The system was created for monitoring DVB-T broadcasting networks but modifications for different purposes are also possible.

Monitoring and Measuring System For Networks of Digital TV Transmitters of DVB-T Signal - DOSYV

DOSYV system is able to monitor actual state of DVB-T transmitters network and create statistics and reports on the functioning. The system is created completely independent from the monitored network of DVB-T transmitters. It is structured as a network of measuring nodes reporting to a single central server. Whole system can be adapted to measuring of virtually any other quantity. Measuring nodes are versatile and very easily adaptable.

Measuring Node - OKO (an eye)

Measuring nodes are equipped with an input for aerial to receive broadcast DVB-T signal, system for processing and evaluation of received signal, and either ethernet or GSM output to report the information up to the central server. Measuring nodes are staffless devices that can be controlled remotely via the central server connection. More...

Central Server - BRAIN CSB-1

Central server collects information from connected measuring nodes and stores it into database. Based on collected information, it is able to evaluate the current state of particular transmitters and visually present the overall DVB-T transmitters network condition. Detailed information and transmitters network functioning statistics are available too. Control over the whole system and presentation of gathered information is available to the customer via regular web browser without any need to install further software extension components. More...